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Oil factory LLC "SAHIBI"
Kuban sunflower oil


Careful processing of grains
4 stages of filtration
Profitable price
Ergonomic packaging
No false data on the label

About company

The Sahibi oil plant was established in May 2013 on the basis of the production of pressed sunflower oil and was registered at the address: Krasnodar Territory, Timashevsk, Gibridnaya street 3A, actual location there.

The plant has 3 plants:

  1. Oil-pressing plant (2 compartments)
  2. Refining and deodorization plant
  3. Oil bottling workshop.

There are warehouses for storing 15 thousand tons of sunflower seeds and a container for storing 800 tons of oil. Finished products - prepacked in PET bottles of various capacities and packed in corrugated box are stored in a separate warehouse in quantities up to 300 tons. The capacities of the factory allow to process 100-120 tons of sunflower seeds per day. The refining and deodorization plant has a capacity of 70 tons of oil per day. The capacity of the bottling plant is 150 tons of oil per day.

Sunflower oil factory LLC "Sahibi" is located on the land plot of 1.7 hectares in ownership. On the territory there are industrial buildings, warehouses, storage tanks for oil, laboratory, power transformer for 1000 kW, boiler room, administrative building.

Since the establishment of LLC "Sahibi",  new imported and Russian equipment has been purchased at the factory, which allowed to create and fully equip the refining and deodorization plant and the oil bottling plant. For this purpose, new production facilities were built.

The Sahibi Oil Refinery produces refined and deodorized high and premium grade oil from four proprietary brands: Gold of the East, Golden EDGE, Kuban Harvest, Generous Valley. Up to 80% of the products are exported to the countries of Central Asia, the Middle East, Transcaucasia, China, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and Mongolia.

 The factory has established a wasteless production of the full cycle. In addition to sunflower oil, the plant produces and sells: sunflower meal with high protein content, husk, sifting, soapstock.

Sunflower oil factory LLC "Sahibi" invites to cooperate in selling its products to wholesale buyers in Russia and abroad on mutually beneficial terms.