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Pressing oil of double pressing

The extraction of oil from vegetable raw materials is carried out in two ways.

Pressing is a mechanical extraction of oil on screw presses. Pressing can be single and double - with a preliminary and final pressing of the oil. When processing high-seed seeds (with a fat content of 48% or more), double pressing is used. This process involves the preliminary removal of the main quantity of oil on screw presses and the final extraction of oil on high pressure presses. Preliminary extraction of oil is preceded by a step of moisture-thermal processing - frying of the crutch. This operation facilitates the separation of oil during pressing and is carried out in two stages. At the first stage, the moisture content of the mead from the sunflower seeds is adjusted to 8 ... 9%. . In the second stage, the crust is dried at a temperature of 105 ° C in the braziers of various designs, the moisture content of the cranberries from sunflower seeds is adjusted to 5 ... 6%.

Preliminary extraction of oil from the pulp is carried out on auger presses. Depending on the pressure on the material being compressed and the oil content of the cake, the screw presses are divided into pre-release presses - presses and presses for the final removal of oil - the expeller. Presses for deep oil removal (expelers) are characterized by lower productivity than forpresses, but the degree of compression of the oilseed material in them is much higher. Immediately after obtaining the oil, it is cleaned of mechanical impurities that enter the oil during pressing. For this, the methods of sedimentation, centrifugation and filtration are used.

The Sahibi Oil Refinery produces unrefined sunflower oil from sunflower seeds by double hot pressing. This is the most natural process of obtaining an environmentally friendly oil without the use of chemicals. This oil has a specific flavor of sunflower oil and a golden color. It is widely used in salads and with other foods to taste gourmets. Unrefined sunflower oil has a limited shelf life and is used in our plant as raw material for further deep processing - refining and deodorization.