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Sunflower cake GOST 8096

Sunflower is famous not only for the grains used for the preparation of first-class oil, but also for residual products. Cake, meal, husk is not less valuable, because it is a good supplement to feed in agriculture.

Sunflower oil cake is obtained as a result of oil extraction from the remains of seeds. For the preparation of mixed fodders it is an important additive. Since cake is a useful protein, it can be added to the diet of any pet. Unlike cereals, sunflower cake is much better.

Since there is a large amount of fat in the cake, it is quite nutritious and has a high energy value. Many often ask the question, what is the difference between makuha and pomace. The answer is simple. Both are waste products in the processing of certain crops. The difference is only in the method of manufacturing these products.

Our cake sunflower is quite nutritious, its composition includes 36-38% protein, humidity does not exceed 4%, fiber - 17%, butter - up to 9%.

Sunflower oil, which remains in the cake, is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and phospholipids. Also, the cake has a low degree of oxidation, so this product is an effective tool in the diet of livestock.

The industries where sunflower cake are used are diverse, but most often it is used in agriculture. If sunflower cake is introduced into the diet of farm animals as a food additive, then the growth of the young will be stimulated. Metabolism in animals will improve, egg production of poultry will increase, and immunity of animals will also be strengthened.

Sunflower oil cake can be used in feeding cattle, including cows, ducks, rabbits, pigs, chickens, geese, turkeys. Also cake has found application in fish farming.

Sunflower oil cake of  LLC "Sahibi" is in great demand at feed mills, poultry farms, agricultural enterprises engaged in animal breeding both in the Krasnodar Territory and far beyond its borders, thanks to the high quality of our production and the protein content.