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Refined and deodorized premium and premium grade oil GOST 1129-2013

Sunflower oil is one of the best vegetable fats and an indispensable food for every person. Without it, no mistress can manage. Sunflower oil is used for frying and stewing, dressing salads and soups, it is added to the dough and sauces, used for home preparations. Orienting in today's abundance of different varieties of sunflower oil is not so simple.

Refined vegetable oils are subjected to complete purification with the passage of all its stages.

Refining (adsorption from the oil of colorants for clarification) In addition, phospholipids, proteins are removed. This is necessary to obtain a lighter oil and preparation for further processing; Freezing (exposure to oil at low temperatures). During the freezing process, binding and removal of waxes and waxy substances takes place. As a result, oil acquires a marketable appearance, as waxes form a noticeable cloud during storage. Deodorization (removing aromatic oils from the oil by running water vapor under vacuum).

Refined sunflower oil is recommended for cooking dishes with heat treatment. This type of oil is used for the production of margarine and other culinary fats, mayonnaise, bakery and confectionery products, for the production of conservation. Refined oil, in contrast to unrefined, has a long shelf life.

If the word "deodorization" is translated literally, then in Latin it means "odor removal". Deodorized oil is processed by hot dry steam under vacuum vegetable oil. From all other species it differs pale transparent color, and also complete absence of any smell and even the slightest sediment.

Sunflower oil factory LLC "Sahibi" produces refined and deodorized sunflower oil of only high and premium grades, which meets the interests of the most demanding consumers.